Oil & Fluid Changes

By following the oil change and fluid replacement schedules that Volkswagen recommends, you can avoid problems in the years ahead.

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The Hardest Working Components

The fluids of your car work hard to keep your machinery lubricated and functioning properly, though they have a tendency to be neglected by car owners everywhere. Learn more about why you should change them rather than just keep topping them off.

What are the Benefits of Oil & Fluid Changes?

When you top off your fluids, you don’t actually address the potential build-up from the deposits of the old fluids. A full change gives the technician a chance to clean out everything, so you know your car is functioning a peak performance.

When you use the best oil for your car, the car stays cooler and gets you better gas mileage. Keep your engine even healthier with a coolant change, which halts overheating in its tracks. A transmission fluid change will keep you shifting smoothly from gear to gear.

Engine oil, brake fluid, and coolant keep your Volkswagen cool, calm, and collected when on the road. Look to Volkswagen of Charlotte if you want to keep up on the recommended schedule for your fluid changes.

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